No regrets…..

no regrets

Style credits:

mesh head: Lelutka / Undivided –  Leda mesh head    (new update with expressions!!!)

mesh body: Maitreya Lara 3.4       ( wearing also maitreya feets and hands)

hair: Spellbound – Forest Spirit // Grimoire

applier: Glam Affair – Lalutka head applier – Diore –  polar tone

tattoo: antielle – Beauty Clinic – RARE – Cosmetic Replacement     (@Wayward Halloween)

top: Cloud –  Dawn Armlets white silver    (@Wayward Halloween)

skirt: Pixicat – all seeing – skirt nr.1 – White  (@ TAG!gacha)

socks: – Lydia socks plain antique   (@c88)

boots: Baiastice – Kiki booties – powder – Maitreya   ( @ Uber)

headband: Reign – eyeball headband   (@Wayward Halloween)

bandagens hands: Clemm –  Bandaged Fingers *Maitreya*

pose: an Lar  /Del May


no regrets - the morgue

Scene details:

skybox Sari-Sari – Abandoned Morgue – Morgue Skybox RARE   (@ TAG!gacha)

[from same set:  Body Cart RARE, Autopsy Table 1 & 2,  Broken Trolley, Bucket of Junk, Old Table, Old Chair, Anatomy Board, Thermometer, Records & Bottles, Apron, Surgical Light ]

surgery lamp ,lobotomy chair and scattered sheets:are part of THOR coming soon set for Gen-neutral November round

locker: Apple Fall Neva’s Vintage Lockers

sink, stretcher, Embalming Machine,Old Gramophone, Mortician’s Notes from Contraption – the mortician’s personal collection  (@ TAG!gacha)

other decor:    vespertine – first aid , Deadwool  Corpse arm and The Mother, 22769 – Fire Extinguisher  and Haunted Payphone (all @ TAG!gacha) and NOMAD // Cat Anatomy Model (old TAG!gacha relese)

Lady death…

lady death

Style details:

mesh head: Lelutka / Undivided –  Stella mesh head    (new update with expressions!!!)

mesh body: Maitreya Lara 3.4       ( wearing also maitreya feets and hands)

hair: Spellbound- Requiem – earth pack   

appliers: Glam Affair – Laura Lelutka mesh head applier -europa tone

dress: Pixicat – All seeing dress – maitreya – Rare  (@ TAG!gacha)

headpiece: Lark – rose headband    (@ TAG!gacha)

necklace: Kalopsia – Momento Mori necklace  (@ TAG!gacha)

bracelets: – Mummy wraps   (@Wayward Halloween) and Luxe skully cuff black  (@Tres Chic)

ring: Luxe – wicked rings  (@Wayward Halloween)

skull: Aphorism – part of Skleteton collections  (@Wayward Halloween)

pose: Le Poppycock (comes with different props – @Wayward Halloween)

lady death - the cemetery

Scene details:

gate: AptB – Apt B // Back To Black – Cemetary   (@Shiny Shabby)

railing: Apple Fall –  Bushmead Railing Post (Black)

building: 8f8 – Green Grocers – Pavillion RARE  (past Arcade gacha prize)

gravestones: Atelier Visconti- Graveyard Tomb (@ mainstore) Ilaya – Grave Stone Mrs. & Mr. DEAD REST IN PEACES  , oOo Studio – gravesite 1 and LePoppycock part of Malediction (both @Wayward Halloween)

coffin: Aphorism – part of Skleteton collections    (@Wayward Halloween)

table and candles: The Hive – part of  Creepy and Kooky Bedroom  (@Wayward Halloween)

doll tree: Reverie – oh Salem Dolls – hanging dolls tree -Rare    (@ TAG!gacha)

statue: Nomad – gothic diva set – abstract sculpture    (@ TAG!gacha)

ribbon: anc. part of sleepwarking gacha  (@Wayward Halloween)

cat –  Reverie – part of Witchcraft Wannabe   (@Wayward Halloween)

cushion with crown : keke- star crown  (@ TAG!gacha)

silver heart:  Vespertine – sacred heart   (@ TAG!gacha)

skull on the steps: keke – the prince  (@ TAG!gacha)

Falling in fall…

falling in fall

style credits:

mesh head:  Catwa  – Annie mesh head

mesh body: mesh body: Maitreya Lara 3.4

applier: Glam Affair – Mona applier for Catwa head – asia tone  (@Kustom9)

hair: Little Bones – Rose   (@ the Epiphany)

sweater: The secret Store – Helena v- neck sweater  (@c88)

scarf: Lagyo – Ixtli boho scarf   ( @ The Season Story )

skirt: Addams –  silvana denim skirt wth belt  (@Kustom9)

sneakers: Sorgo – ED sneakers  (@TMD)

pose: an Lar / Le Poppycock


falling in fall....

Scene details:

garden wall and gate:  Razor Bird

cart of pumpkins, haystacks, birdhouse, picnic basket, barrel, stumps and campfire cooking are part of Sari Sari Autumn set @ The Season Story 

weasels: part of Reverie  “a weasels story set”     ( @ The Season Story )

chaise: junk– vintage stretcher seat

door: Vagabond – Yael’s Door (Light/Dark)  (@LTD event)

pumpkin with mice: Pilot- Pumpkin Mice [Striped]    (@c88)

leaves on floor and willow shrubs :  Keke –  willow leaves for ground and willow shrubs   (@ The Season Story )

pot of flowers: Ariskea – Mellow – Autumn Poppy Flower [Deep orange]  (@LTD event)

bench: Kalopsia – Rustic Bench  (@LTD event)

branches: revival – light branches  (@LTD event)



Pure Dream



Style credits:

mesh head: Lelutka / Undivided –  Stella mesh head 1.1

mesh body: Maitreya Lara 3.4       ( wearing also maitreya feets and hands)

hair: Little Bones – Titania – hot mess         (@c88)

appliers: Glam Affair – Avril freckles – asia tone

bikini: Rebel Hope -Chasta mesh bikini – rebel pack (@Fameshed )

pants: Addams -Ivy flare pants   ( @ Uber)

feet wraps : Aisling wraps – antique    (@c88)

necklace: Lagyo – Panarea long necklace silver

bracelet: Random Matter – Cheri bracelet – silver

face paint: Arise – Hala facepaint – Lelutka applier

piercing: Yummy – Cleopatra septum & Medusa – silver (modded)

pose: Vibe


pure dream

Scene details:

hut: Trompe Loeil – Outcrop Hut   (@c88)

tent with bed:  Apt B – Daydreamer Tent          (@c88)

on the bed: Kalopsia square pillow purple

Keke  – notebooks – pink and ancient ink w magnolia

dream sign: Apt B – Daydreamer Dream Neon  (@c88)

puppy:  anc- flottante puppy –  milk  –  layA / withCollar   (@c88)

table and cushion: Kalopsia – Low Table RARE , round and square pillow purple  – part of  seaside dinner gacha  (@theEpiphany )

on the table:  Aria & The Loft – Dakota bud vase with Amaryllis flower

8f8 – Rising Sun Delicatessen

Apple Fall – Charlotte’s Pears and Elderflower Cordial

hat on the floor : LaGyo – Vintage fold hat White

plants: Aria –  Astrid Elephant Ear plant and Giada zamioculcas Potted Plant

Apple Fall Banana Tree and Reaching Plant

dust bunny- potted jade plant

umbrella: anc – Hatsuyume /  wind parasol (short) blue

bird: Half Deer – Tropical Bird – Bali Starling



The Summer of Sun-hi

the summer of Sun-hi

Style credits:

mesh head: Genesis Lab – Jiang mesh head    (@Shiny Shabby)

mesh body: mesh Body: Maitreya Lara 3.4       ( wearing also maitreya feets and hands)

appliers: Genesis Lab – Sun – hi  skin    (@Shiny Shabby)

hair:  Little Bones – Sharp   ( @ Uber)

bikini: Blueberry  – Tyrkini – bikini top   (@N21)

skirt: Tee*fy – Hana skirt shorter – peach polka dot  (@N21)

sunglasses: Glam Affair – vintage sunglasses blush

necklace: Lagyo – shall necklace- -gold/pink   (@c88)

beach ball: Kirin – part of Fun at beach pose pack   (released for The Season story)

pose: Kirin /Le Poppycock

the summer of Sun - hi

Scene details:

house: Haikei – boring day gacha rare   (@ Okinawa )

pool: Pixel Mode – Classic Kidney Shape pool  (@Wayward Carnival)

lounge: The Loft – Norma lounger – teal 

bar cart: Aria – Lux bar cart – empty     (@TMD july round)

lemonade dispenser: Zerkalo – part of country living set   (@Shiny Shabby)

industrial table: YS & YS – part of Wardrobe set gacha   (@ Gacha Garden)

beach towel: Luas – beach basic towel 1

ladder and buckets : Zerkalo –  part of country living set   (@Shiny Shabby)

beach ball : M.Birdie story – part of summer luv gacha      (@ Okinawa )

bottles with rings : Atooly – ring toss   (@Wayward Carnival)

garden hose: Pixel Mode – thg garden hose   (part of old Arcade gacha)

garden walls: Apple Fall – Farrow garden wall kit

bike: Xin + Toro – Rideable Fixie Bicycle (Mailman) Rare  (released for The Season story)

cobbles: Apple Fall  – flagstones

in the house : AptB  – Farm Living Gacha – coat hanger – Rare   (@Shiny Shabby)


Wayward Carnival Poster For Out of SL_1024


A final touch…and go!

a final touch..

Style credits:

mesh head: Genesis Lab – Julia 2.0 animated          (@ Kustom9 it’s the ultrarare gacha prize)

mesh Body: Maitreya Lara 3.4       ( wearing also maitreya feets and hands)

appliers: Genesis Lab – skin Kate- latte   (@ Kustom9 it’s the secret!!!love !!) and  Genesis Lab applier for Maitreya – latte tone

lipstick:   Genesis Lab  – head Julia 2.0 – lipstick

hair: Mithral Apothecary – Nightshade – ombre (@Wayward Carnival)

shirt – Coco – denim shirt midblue  (@Shiny Shabby)

skirt: Tetra – High Asymmetric Drape Skirt (Black)   (@Shiny Shabby)

sandals: Azoury -Anazis Sandal – Onyx (Maitreya)     (@Tres Chic)

bag: Attic – Coconut Bag (material) Black    (@ Kustom9 )

necklace: Empyrean Forge – Tesoro del Luna Necklace  (@ Indie Teepee)

bracelet: Izzie’s – Wooden Button Bracelet black  (@Wayward Carnival)

watch: Kunst – Schism watch / classic

pose: LePoppycock – underwing set   (@Wayward Carnival)

bang! – stand 516  (@Shiny Shabby)

final touch

Scene details:

skybox: Haikei – Old empty house gacha RARE  (@ Kustom9 )

vanity, stool, round hatboxes and the square jewlry box on the endtable:   Zerkalo  – Precious Moments set (vanity is the RARE,  Jewelry Box is the  EXCLUSIVE   (@the Epiphany )

endtable: Zerkalo – Precious – End Table   (released for Neighbourhood )

lil nail polsh cabinet, make up stuff on the vanity,  parfum bottele and gald hand with pearl necklace :   Tres Blah – Jolie collection    (released for June Arcade round)

record player: Vespertine –  record player/walnut          (past Arcade prize)

vinyl: Commoner –  Break-Up Survival Kit / Vinyl (21)       (past Arcade prize)

group of luggage and travel accessoires: Apt B – Summer Travel Luggage RARE   (@ Mesh Avenue )

hanger dress: Glam Affair –  The Hanged Dress –  prize of Lust Bedroom Corner gacha       ( past release for The Kawaii Project)

basket: Kalopsia  – Basket (with cloths) – part of old summer entry set    (@ Kustom9 )

books on the basket: Apt B – Summer Travel Books   (@ Mesh Avenue )

rug: Haikei – part of boring day gacha      (@ Okinawa )

box of shoes: LePrimitif – Unboxed Shoes    (past Arcade prize)

slippers: Zerkalo  – part of love nest gacha set

magazines: Tres Blah – hodgepodge – stacked magazines     (past Arcade prize)

wall sconce: The Loft – Swing Arm Sconce

behind the window:   Kalopsia – Book Pile Lamp -part of pile up mini set   (released for Neighbourhood )

Haikei –  wardrobe it’s part of  Old empty house gacha    (@ Kustom9 )



Fun is not dead

fun is not dead!

Style credits:

mesh head: Lelutka / Undivided –  Stella mesh head 1.1

mesh body: Maitreya Lara 3.4       ( wearing also maitreya feets and hands)

appliers: Mudskin –  Matsuri girl         (@Wayward Carnival)

lipstick: Mudskin – Reina  Lelutka applier  

hair: Pr!tty –  Daisy – browns heavy roots pack   (@Wayward Carnival)

hairband: Reverie – Masquerade collection       (@Wayward Carnival)

top: Tee*fy – Bianca top – black    (for Mix july )

undies: Baiastice – ruffle bikini-  lace black     (@Wayward Carnival)

shoes: Random Matter – Saoirse platform – onyx

pose: an Lar / DelMay


fun is not dead

Scene details:

ferriswheel cabin: Soy – old ferris wheel car  green and salmon (@Wayward Carnival)

bunnies: anc.  – cotton bunny – sugar    (@Wayward Carnival)

propane tank: Apple Fall – propane tank

balloon: Alchemist – Carnival Balloon gacha – ballon three pastel and balloon one red  (@Wayward Carnival)

air balloon: Soy – hot hair balloon – wt/rd  (@Wayward Carnival)

marquee: Commoner  – Monogram Marquee light V2  (old Arcade gacha now in mainstore)

Taken @ LICK sim design – Project McFly

Wayward Carnival Poster For Out of SL_1024


Enjoyng the first rays…

enjoyng the first rays


Style credits:

mesh head: TheMesh Project – soft head basic

mesh body: Maitreya – mesh body Lara 

mesh hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands

appliers: The Skinnery – Judy ( TMP)  (@ Skin Fair 2015 – sim1 sim2)

The Skinnery appliers for Maitreya body and Slink hands

hair: Sixty Nine – hair 04 – mocha

shirt: Eaters Coma – Crop Hoodie (long)

shorts: Addams – short pants  (@ IDK event open the 16th)

shoes: Bleich – Mesh Unisex Buckle Shoes – Black   (@TMD)

bag: Bleich – Mesh Mine Bag – Black  (@Kustom9)

necklace and ring : random.Matter. – Daphne Necklace and ring  – Silver/Aged  (@ IDK event open the 16th)

bracelets: Ariskea  – Mistery girl white bracelet (@c88)

random.Matter. – Cheri Bracelet – Silver  (released for Fashion Fair)

shades: Yummy –  Laura Palmer Shades – Black  (@c88)

pose:  DelMay



enjoyng the first rays -  garden


Set details:

playground stuff:  Epia part of Playground Fun set (Arched Monkey Bars, Play Tower RARE, Carousel, Horse Spring)  @ Arcade Gacha March

bar kiosk: Vespertine – mochi bar ketchup / RARE @ Arcade Gacha March

bar sign: Floorplan – bar marquee

rocket: Culprit Rockety Ride Red

bicycle: What Next – Decorative Huntington Bicycle – Pale Pink

wall and pathway: The domineaux effect


IDK March Chosen Designers




City of sin…. (Burlesque exclusive post)

city of sin....

Style credits:

mesh head: Slink visage Emma mesh head

mesh body: Slink Physique mesh figure 

mesh hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands

appliers: Itgirl – Portia visage applier  – pale & Itgirl applier for Physique

eyes: eyes: Ikon -Deadshine eyes – apparition

hair : Mithral Apothecary – Aster  busty –  reds

dress: Avale – Dita proude              * exclusive for Burlesque event!!

corset: DeviousMind – Alix belt corset – black           * exclusive for Burlesque event!!

shoes: Essenz- Rome  – black

coat: Ryvolter – Zira Shoulder Goat Fur Coat – Black 

cigarette: kunst – cigarette & holder  (@ TLC)

hair flower : Mandala – Polly head corsage – black

earring and black ring : Elysium  -Denmark black opal

white ring : Lagyo – Sienna stone ring Gold

nails: Hello Dave  – Party season gloss 

pose: Bauhaus Movement


Set details :

sign : THOR – coming soon!!

beer crate: Revival – beer crate set 

beer bottles: Fetch – Lyla bottles  -part of Lyla bar set




Burlesque  by Flair for Events open February 1st    TAXI