Save me a seat…..

Scene details:

fireplace with patio: Trompe Loeil – Vivienne Outdoor Fireplace + Patio PG

sofa: :CP: Winter Cuddle Sofa (PG)   (@ Decocrate)

couch: dust bunny . darling sectional cushion . w/back . brown . pg

pillows:  {vespertine} – cushions 13

big pilllow on ground: .:revival:. strapped pillow

rugs:  – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Old Rugs

coffee table: ..::THOR::.. Handmade Coffeetable

on the table:

{vespertine} apple pie & plums    (@c88)

ISPACHI [OSSORY] Basic Plates & Bowls

.Shi : Clay Coffee Cup / w Tspoon. Silver

.Shi : Vintage Spoons / GIFT

.Shi : Clay Coffee cup w flask

Mato, // Acorns (Brown)

board games:

MULLOY – Mullopoly Cardboad

MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Cribbage

slippers: Serenity Style- Jojo Cozy Slippers   (@ Decocrate) and  ARIA & The Loft Devon deco slippers

side table: ..::THOR::.. 11 – Low Table

on the table: {vespertine} cider dispenser decor.    (@c88)

stool: .:revival:. cozy stool linen    (@ Decocrate)

fireplace tools: {what next} Hanne Fireplace Tools

round table with candles: .:revival:. cozy table II    (@ Decocrate)

extra candles: 

llorisen // galatea candle holder.small    (@ Decocrate)

Apple Fall Plaster Candles

chalkboard: .:revival:. chalkboard    (@ Decocrate)

basket: dust bunny . firewood basket

small tree: {what next} ‘Hello Fall’ Mini Tree

on the fireplace:

*LODE* Decor – Melody Pot [brown]

Apple Fall Pumpkin Harvest Wreath (gift with Gallant Magazine group)

Apple Fall Pyracantha Berries in Glazed Pot

{vespertine} toasted bread basket    (@c88)

Apple Fall Silver Antiqued Rabbit


fence: Apple Fall Cranfield Fence, Tall and Wide

puppies: JIAN Splendid Spaniels 8. Tri-color Wanderer and  19. Floor Snoozer



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Shocking Wonder

Just an italian girl that love H&G decor, casual and boho looks and rock/grunge music ♥

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