How deep is your love…

Scene details:

table: :CP: Lovebug Camp Table  (@ The Epiphany)

on the table:

dust bunny . sweetheart lunch . cheese burger   (@ The Epiphany)

dust bunny . sweetheart lunch . strawberry salad   (@ The Epiphany)

dust bunny .sweetheart lunch . macaron bowl   (@ The Epiphany)

dust bunny . sweetheart lunch . fry stand   (@ The Epiphany)

[ keke ]  lemonade open – raspberry and orange

chairs:  Apple Fall  Wrought Iron Chair RARE

hat: The Loft  & ARIA –  Winslow Decorative Floppy Hat

picnic basket: [ zerkalo ] Picnic at the Neva River – Basket

on the basket: dust bunny .sweetheart lunch . grilled cheese prep board   (@ The Epiphany)

wood and lace tent: :CP: Lovebug Camp Tent  (@ The Epiphany)

hanging flowers: (Milk Motion) floral chandelier  (@c88)

car/bed: :CP: Lovebug Camp Bed RARE  (@ The Epiphany)

in the car:

dust bunny . sweetheart lunch . soft pretzels  (@ The Epiphany)

dust bunny .sweetheart lunch . potato chips  (@ The Epiphany)

Fancy Decor: Open Book

Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘Get yo’ Shit Together” Adorbs Planner  (@ The Epiphany)

dust bunny .& O.M.E.N . Puppy Basket Bed – Pup

Nutmeg. Rattan Tote Carry, Biege

Apple Fall  Heart String

guitar:.::THOR::. 9 – Boho Guitar

backpack: dust bunny .  storybook living . old backpack

fireflies jar: .::THOR::. 5- The Jar of Fireflies

mocassins:  Apple Fall  Leather Moccasins

bucket: [ keke ] bucket of lemonades – red

belted pillow:dust bunny . wanderlust . belted pillows



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Shocking Wonder

Just an italian girl that love H&G decor, casual and boho looks and rock/grunge music ♥

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