Tropical Bliss

Scene details:


 hive // wooden wrapped chair with pillow . pg  (@c88 )

hive // wooden wrapped chair . pg  (@c88 )

pillows: part of Loft & Aria — Callisto sofa   (@c88 )

wood table: hive // painted trunk end table    (@c88 )

vase: hive // exotic foliage  (@c88 )

side table: Loft & Aria – Callisto Side Table  (@c88 )

wooden bird: Loft & Aria – Callisto Sitting Kiwi  (@c88 )

watermelon drink: Tentacio -watermelon drink  (@ Kustom9 )

basket with hat: The Loft – Antilles Hat Basket

towel on ground: PILOT – Bunched up Cover Up [Tropical] RARE

big leaf: DISORDERLY. / Tropic Love / Monstera / StraightStem / Pack 1   (@c88 )

slippers: Loft & Aria – Callisto Decorative Sandals  (@c88 )

lamp: Loft & Aria – Callisto Lantern  (@c88 )

basket with towels: The Loft – Antilles Towel Basket

potted plant: The Loft – Antilles Towel Basket

in the background:

Scarlet Creative RainForest Hideaway Ground Version   (@c88 )

Granola – Carmella Rattan Chair w/PolkadotPillow. PG.

Loft & Aria – Callisto Potted Strelitzia Reginae  (@c88 )

Soy. Knotted Hanging Cloth [green]

Foxes – Safia – hanging plant 2

Heart – WILDFLOWERS – Hibiscus – White – Climber 1

Apple Fall Stacked Terracotta Pots

TLC Red-crowned Crane

lotus flowers and lily pads: Heart – Nymphaea Nouchali – Cluster 1 – Pink

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Shocking Wonder

Just an italian girl that love H&G decor, casual and boho looks and rock/grunge music ♥

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