Resting Corner.


Scene details:

sofa: Nutmeg. Dacha Loveseat Navy Floral Print  (@Shiny Shabby)

sleeping cat: O.M.E.N – Ragdolls – Sleeping

wooden chest with clutters: Nutmeg. Dacha Old Wooden Chest  (@Shiny Shabby)

other stuffs on the chest:

Nutmeg. Jewel box

Nutmeg. Mug Gzhel V1

cup with candles: Nutmeg. Dacha Candle Jar  (@Shiny Shabby)

purse bag: Nutmeg. Old Purse Bag

basket: West Village Wicker Basket

tray: Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Empty Tray (@The Epiphany)


Nutmeg. Dacha Old Oriental Rug Decor  (@Shiny Shabby)

Nutmeg. Winter Brunch Rug

bathtub with pallets:Nutmeg. Dacha Metal Bathtub Full  (@Shiny Shabby)

bucket with stuffs: Nutmeg. Dacha Shower Necessities  (@Shiny Shabby)

soapbottle: Nutmeg. Painted Soap Bottle


Nutmeg. Not too shabby flats, Brown

flip flops/  part of Nutmeg. Garden Getaway clutters exclusive (@The Epiphany)

pile of blankets: dust bunny . laundry room clutter . large cloth stack

towel on ground: Nutmeg. Dacha Crumpled Towel  (@Shiny Shabby)

jar with brushes: Apple Fall Bath Brushes in Milk Glass Jar

hanging shirt: dust bunny . laundry room clutter . shirt on hanger

hanging sneakers: Nutmeg. Hanging Sneakers Worn White

hanging bucket with candles: Nutmeg. Dacha Hanging Candle Bucket  (@Shiny Shabby)

hanging lace: cinphul // ASBMF [Lace 3]

hanging basket: Apple Fall Hanging Wicker Basket

plant: Nutmeg. Disarray Old Jar Plant

side table: Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Table w/ Cookies (@The Epiphany)

on the table:

Dahlia – Lazy Days – Vintage Clock – Copper

Apple Fall Cotton Cluster

Apple Fall Coral Lid Jar w/ Bath Bombs

{vespertine}- my quirky corner / bird trinket box

tub with towels: Nutmeg. Dacha Tub w/ Linens  (@Shiny Shabby)

packages: Nutmeg. Winter Brunch Packages

flowers: *LODE* Head Accessory – Morning Glory [white]

bottles: Apple Fall Violet Glass Bottles

pots: hive // extra pots

lavande: cinphul // ASBMF [Lace 3]

fence: Apple Fall Hartley Fencing Tall, Wide – Wood

wooden blinds: Soy. Reed Screen [Sudare] Dark -Down


=EliBaily= Ivy 02

hive // hanging devil’s ivy plant . dark

little goose: 8f8 – New Beginnings – Baby Goose

wooden ground: Apple Fall Coastal Pier Narrow



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Shocking Wonder

Just an italian girl that love H&G decor, casual and boho looks and rock/grunge music ♥

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