Find magic in yourself

Style credits:

Style Credits:

mesh head: Lelutka / Undivided – Bento Head Korina

mesh body: Legacy- meshbody- f (v1.1)

applier: ITGIRL – Sky applier – summer

lipstick: LERONSO skins. Lipstick set for skin “Inessa” (LELUTKA)

hair:  Wasabi  // Elenoire Mesh Hair – solar ombre  (@The Arcade Gacha )

wreath: *LODE*  Head Accessory – Everbloom Wreath [pale violet]

bindi: MONS / MESH – MoonBindi (style2) gold

bustier: ISON –  Chauveau Bustier – all colors (legacy) (@Uber)

cardigan: Ricielli – Tonia Sweater (Legacy) Light Beige  (@The Arcade Gacha )

chocker: LaGyo_Cassiopea chocker – Gold

necklace1: LaGyo_Cassiopea Necklace – Gold

necklace2: imbue. crystal drop necklace – rose quartz – gold

handcuffs: LaGyo_Taylor Statement Star Handcuff –

jeans: OSMIA – Darkside.Gacha.Jeans – L – Blue

tattoo:  <Nar> The Oracle Tattoos (LEGACY)

pose: Indigo- Maia set 1 (modded with anypose)


Scene details:

bulding: Apple Fall Gatekeepers’ Lodge RARE

apothecary cabinet: dust bunny . midnight apothecary . cabinet . dark wood (@Anthem)

on the cabinet (sx to dx):

DISORDERLY. / Crystal Collection / Crystal Pendant Stand  ( @TheEpiphany )

.random.Matter. – Magic Shop – Potion Kit – RARE

Nutmeg. Summer’s End Candles

Apple Fall Springbok Skull

Granola. Saga Book Pile.  (@The Arcade Gacha )

DISORDERLY. / Crystal Collection / Crystal Trinity Shelf  ( @TheEpiphany )

Granola. Saga Canister2. (@The Arcade Gacha )

Granola. Saga Canister3. (@The Arcade Gacha )

Granola. Saga Cauldron. (@The Arcade Gacha )

Granola. Saga Canister1 (@The Arcade Gacha )

Raindale – Nevermire potion (purple) (@The Arcade Gacha )


on the counter (sx to dx):

dust bunny . wiccan artistry . herb drawerswers

dust bunny . wiccan artistry . smudge sticks

dust bunny . midnight apothecary . venus fly trap (@Anthem)

Granola. Saga Jade Moon Goddess. RARE (@The Arcade Gacha )

Granola. Saga Moon Water. (@The Arcade Gacha )

Granola. Saga Candle Snuffer. (@The Arcade Gacha )

Granola. Saga Spell Book. (@The Arcade Gacha )

Granola. Saga Crystals. (@The Arcade Gacha )

dust bunny . diy rose tea . gift

dust bunny . woodland dreams . fresh rose tea

Granola. Saga Mortar and Pestle. (@The Arcade Gacha )

Raindale – Nevermire potion (green) (@The Arcade Gacha )

dust bunny . midnight apothecary . graveyard terrarium (@Anthem)

dust bunny . midnight apothecary . bats tree . brown (@Anthem)

Granola. Saga Mini Crystal Ball. Teal. (@The Arcade Gacha )

hanging plants/flowers:

dust bunny . wiccan artistry . dried flowers

{vespertine} herb drying

hive // macrame hanging plant . pink stripe

hive // hanging devil’s ivy plant . dark

.random.Matter. – NecroBotany – Hanging Plant [Black]

pile of cauldrons: Raindale – Nevermire stack of cauldrons (black)

pile of books:

Nutmeg. Forgotten Library Book Pile

.random.Matter. – Magic Shop – Bookstack

scale with crystals: DISORDERLY. / Crystal Collection / Crystal Scale  ( @TheEpiphany )

crystal ball: dust bunny . wiccan artistry . crystal ball

broom: Apple Fall Straw Broom


{vespertine} potted chives

{vespertine} potted sage FATPACK extra

hanging jar lamps: [Merak] – Broom Lamp  (@The Arcade Gacha )

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