Scene Details:

bath tub: Apple Fall Oregon Wood-fired Spa, Aged Oak (NEW RELEASE)

lemonade pitcher:  Apple Fall Lemonade Pitcher (NEW RELEASE)

glass of lemonade: Apple Fall Lemonade  (NEW RELEASE)

water bottles: Apple Fall Lemon & Lime Water

stacked magazines: Apple Fall Stacked Magazines

candle: Apple Fall Scented Candle

radio: -tb- Spring Living – Radio (Beige)

lantern: Apple Fall Blossom Garden Lamp – Bronze

basket: Nutmeg. Disarray Wicker Basket Light v1

hat: Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Straw Hat

urn: Apple Fall Drip-Glazed Urn – Cream

fence: Apple Fall Blossom Fence, Short – Oak

folding chair: Nutmeg. Seaside Calm Beach Chair w/Towel

lotions: Apple Fall Bathroom Lotions

flip flops: Nutmeg. Her Flip Flops

bicycle: Nutmeg. Her Bike White v1 PG

cabin: Trompe Loeil – Elina Cabin

sofa: Apple Fall Lily Wicker Sofa – Cream

armchair: West Village Cala Cane Chair, Cream

parasol: Apple Fall Summer Parasol

planters: West Village Rhodes Planter – Long

daisies: Apple Fall Oxeye Daisy Patch

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Shocking Wonder

Just an italian girl that love H&G decor, casual and boho looks and rock/grunge music ♥

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