Fisherman’s Refuge

Scene details:

shed: hive // waterside shack w/ dock

ping pong table: Apple Fall Ping-Pong Table – Aged Oak (new @ FaMESHed X)

on the table:

Apple Fall Bohemian Coffee Press (new group gift @mainstore)

Apple Fall Latte Decor (new group gift @ mainstore)

Apple Fall ‘Lucky Numbers’ Cigarettes & Tray

Apple Fall Ping-Pong Paddles (new @ FaMESHed X)

Apple Fall Times Newspaper

Apple Fall Mounted Sealife – White Clam Shell  (NEW@mainstore)

chair: Nutmeg. Garden Junk Broken Chair / 1

pillow: Apple Fall Cushion – Navy Waves (NEW@mainstore)

on ground:

Apple Fall Ceramic Milk Jar  (@FaMESHed )

Apple Fall Vintage Buoy Arrangement (NEW@mainstore)

Apple Fall Wooden Bouy Decor

Apple Fall Sealife – Sea Star (NEW@mainstore)

Apple Fall Monkey Fist Knot

Apple Fall Inflatable Pool Ring – Navy Anchor  (group gift @ mainstore)

West Village Field Wellingtons – Yellow

Apple Fall Sealife – White Clam Shell (NEW@mainstore)

Apple Fall Stacked Round Baskets

PILOT – Fishing Poles

barrel: Nutmeg. Garden Junk Barrel

lantern: Apple Fall Sutton Lantern – Aged Oak (NEW@mainstore)

sign1: Apple Fall Maine Lobster Sign  (NEW@mainstore)

sign2: .:revival:. beach sign 2 ‘fishing’


Apple Fall Mounted Canoe Paddles – ‘5’ (NEW@mainstore)

Apple Fall Mounted Canoe Paddles – ’20’ (NEW@mainstore)

Apple Fall Mounted Canoe Paddles – Crossed (NEW@mainstore)

wheel: Apple Fall Captains Wheel – Rustic (NEW@mainstore)

hanging float: Soy. Glass Fishing Float -hanging- (green)


Apple Fall Wall Mounted Sealife – Clam Shell (NEW@mainstore)

Apple Fall Wall Mounted Sealife – Sea Star (NEW@mainstore)

fishing boat: RiDECO – Fishing Boat Stripe

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Shocking Wonder

Just an italian girl that love H&G decor, casual and boho looks and rock/grunge music ♥

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