October Tales.

Scene details:

building:Apple Fall  Un Salon de Jardin

fireplace:Apple Fall Hampton Outdoor Fireplace

table: Nutmeg.Warm Earth Table (@mainstore)

on the table:

Apple Fall Neva’s Antique Scales

Apple Fall Harvest Pumpkin – Casper, Peach (new release!)

Apple Fall Harvest Pumpkin – Fairytale, Dark Orange (new release!)

Apple Fall Harvest Pumpkin – Jarrahdale, Blue (new release!)

Apple Fall Harvest Pumpkin – Fairytale, White (new release!)

Apple Fall Pumpkin Soup in Tureen (new release!)

Apple Fall Loose Heart String w/ Scissors

Nutmeg. Autumn Garden Drinking Set(@mainstore)

Nutmeg. Warm Earth Stack of Linens(@mainstore)

Nutmeg. Warm Earth Stack of Books / 2(@mainstore)

Nutmeg. Warm Earth Cutlery Bonus Item(@mainstore)

Nutmeg. Warm Earth Loaded Tray(@mainstore)

Nutmeg. Warm Earth Stack of Dishes(@mainstore)

Nutmeg. Warm Earth Tablecloth Bonus Item(@mainstore)

chair with blankets:Nutmeg. Autumn Garden Chair Bonus Item(@ Kustom9 )

chair with pillow:Nutmeg. Warm Earth Chair w/Tied Cushion(@mainstore)

green pumpkin:Apple Fall Harvest Pumpkin – Jarrahdale, Green (new release!)

milk can:Apple Fall Ceramic Milk Jar

baskets with pumpkins and flowers:Nutmeg. Autumn Garden Floral Pumpkin Baskets (@ Kustom9 )

empty baskets:Nutmeg. Autumn Garden Basket Stack (@ Kustom9 )

rainboots:Nutmeg. Autumn Garden Floral Rainboots (@ Kustom9 )

stool with blankets:Nutmeg. La Baignoire Stool / Natural Decor (@mainstore)

wicker vase:Nutmeg. Warm Earth Wicker Vase(@mainstore)


Nutmeg. Home Clutter Rug / 1(@mainstore)

Nutmeg. Home Clutter Rug / 2(@mainstore)

crumpled linen:Nutmeg. Warm Earth Crumpled Linen / 1(@mainstore)

urn:West Village Patina Urn – Whitewashed, Capped

vase:Apple Fall Dried Poppy Stems

cabinet:Apple Fall Country Pantry




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Shocking Wonder

Just an italian girl that love H&G decor, casual and boho looks and rock/grunge music ♥

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