Quirky Corner

Scene details:

building/patio:Apple Fall  x Quasi Nimes Pool

armchair with throw:Nutmeg.   Bohemian Moment Armchair & Throw(@Anthem)

book:Nutmeg. Quaint Foyer Notebook

hanging pots:Nutmeg. Bohemian Moment Hanging Pots / 1(@Anthem)

hanging laces:Nutmeg. Bohemian Moment Lace Wall Hanging / 2(@Anthem)

console/table:Nutmeg. Quaint Foyer Console

on the table:

Nutmeg. Dacha Teatime Samovar & Sushki / Pattern

Nutmeg. Dacha Teatime Teacup / 1

Nutmeg. Dacha Teatime Strawberry Preserves

Nutmeg. Dacha Teatime Dish Stack / 2

Nutmeg. Dacha Teatime Jug w/Milk

Nutmeg. Dacha Teatime Kitchen Towel

Nutmeg. Dacha Teatime Tea Infuser

Nutmeg. Dacha Teatime Fallen Sushki

Nutmeg. Dacha Teatime Teacup / 2

Nutmeg. Dacha Teatime Sweet Cherries

on ground:

Nutmeg. Quaint Foyer Plant

Nutmeg. Spring Ensemble Plant

Nutmeg. Farmhouse Kitchen Pitcher / 3

Nutmeg. Farmhouse Kitchen Baskets

Nutmeg. Quaint Foyer Jug

Nutmeg. Bath Mat With Tassels

Nutmeg. Not too shabby flats, Nude (tinted)

Nutmeg. Her Vintage Hat

hanging cutting boards:Nutmeg. Farmhouse Kitchenware Rack

frame:Nutmeg. Sunroom Framed Art / 1

hanging rosemary:Nutmeg. Farmhouse Kitchen Rosemary Bunch Bonus Item

candle holder:Nutmeg. Quaint Foyer Candleholder / 2

branches:Nutmeg. Dacha Teatime Branches

mandolin:..::THOR::.. Mandolin – Festival(@Anthem)

stool:Nutmeg. Farmhouse Kitchen Stool PG Exclusive

other plants/pots/shrubs:

Apple Fall Begonia Maculata

Nutmeg. Sunroom Lemon Tree

Nutmeg. Apple Terrace Potted Tree

hive // hanging bougainvillea plant . yellow

Botanical – Boxwood

=EliBaily= Ivy 02


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Shocking Wonder

Just an italian girl that love H&G decor, casual and boho looks and rock/grunge music ♥

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