Style credits: head:  Lelutka Evolution Head.Lake – BOM body: Legacy- perky applier/skin: Glam Affair –  Mara Layer [Lelutka] 006 C  (@ Collabor88) eyeshadow: Warpaint- tropics liner – lelutkla evo (@Anthem) hair:  tram J0630 hair – fatpack  (@ Collabor88) hair flower: CAZIMI: Hibiscus Hair Flower bikini: .miss chelsea. Flor Bikini (@Anthem) harnes and belly chain: *MonCheri* Flor Belly Chain/ Harness – Legacy kimono: Emery Abaco Kimono Olive for Meshbody Legacy   (@ Collabor88) earrings: (Yummy) Curated Doja Ear bracelet: Kibitz – Blunt bracelet left – fatpack  (@ Collabor88) tote: hive  // flor beach tote . two toned  (@Anthem)   Scene details: floating dock:..::THOR::..  Floating Dock railing/fence: ..::THOR::.. … Continue reading Paradise

Home Comforts.

Scene Details: building: .:revival:. ibiza pergola wall panels: West Village Maynard Paneling, Straight cabinet:  Apple Fall Joshua Cabinet – Stripped Oak in/on the cabinet: Apple Fall Tobacco Basket West Village Ginger Jar – Grey Toile Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 8 Apple Fall Copper Tea Kettle Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 10 Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 12 Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 7 West Village Hand Thrown Terracotta Urn Apple Fall Plaster Vase w/ Beads Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 13 Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 11 drawer: West Village Florentine Console Table – Stripped Oak on the drawer: Apple Fall … Continue reading Home Comforts.

Rooftop Hotness

Style credits: head:  Lelutka Evolution Head.Lake – BOM body: Legacy- perky applier/skin: Glam Affair –  Lillian Layer [Lelutka] 006 C lipstick: IDTTY FACES – LELUTKA FILTHY RICH 10 face heart/nose highlight: TOP1SALON – SUN KISS SET (BOM) Nose highlight / (BOM) Heart 50% hair: DOUX –  Alana Hairstyle [S] (@Dubai) bikini: LYBRA .  Lila bra and string tank: .miss chelsea. Olie Top Legacy White earrings: (Yummy) Curated Doja Ear (hud with show/hide ear)  (@ Collabor88) arm band: `M.BIRDIE / Bomia look. hair band bracelet5 bracelet: .pt. arizona summer – bangle – a (@Summerfest 2020) drink: :::ChicChica::: Chill # 1 RARE   Scene details: rooftop backdrop: MINIMAL –  London … Continue reading Rooftop Hotness

My world in a room.

Scene details: building: MudHoney Classic Photo Room 1 RARE  (@The Arcade Gacha ) desk with pc and clutters: Nutmeg. Familiar Mess Desk Natural v1  (@ Kustom9 ) chair: Nutmeg. Familiar Mess Chair White  (@ Kustom9 ) stacked newspapers: Nutmeg. Garden Junk Newspaper / 1 Bonus Item paper bag with croissants: Nutmeg. French Cafe Croissants bed: Nutmeg. Summer Bliss Bed PG puppy: Foxwood – Frenchie – Lay   (@ Kustom9 ) pouf: 22769 – Beach Pouf – COMMON   (@The Arcade Gacha ) on the pouf: Nutmeg. Springtide Book Stack / 2 Bonus Item Nutmeg. Tidy Pastels Clock White West Village Glass Jar Candle – Clear Glass notebook and phone: Nutmeg. Familiar … Continue reading My world in a room.


Style credits: head:  Lelutka Evolution Head.Lake – BOM body: Legacy- perky applier/skin: Glam Affair –Lillian Layer [Lelutka] 006 C hair: tram J0524 hair(SS)  (@ Collabor88) flower:CAZIMI: Hibiscus Hair Flower (L) lipstick: TOP1SALON –HD SPHYNX LIPSTICK (Lelutka Evolution) P1 blush/highlights: TOP1SALON – SUN KISS SET (BOM) ! swimsuit: .Mutresse. Sara Swimsuit for Legacy  (@ Collabor88) earrings: LaGyo_Rich Life – Earrings B   (@ Collabor88) necklace1: LaGyo_Rich Life – Necklace – Deluxe nekclace2: TETRA – Luna necklaces – Legacy (rigged) bangles: LaGyo_Rich Life – Stacked Bangles – Rose L wet face & body tattoo: Izzie’s – wet body & face BOM   Scene details: pool: Apple Fall x Quasi Nimes … Continue reading Waterproof

Shades of Blue

Style credits: head:  Lelutka Evolution Head.Lake – BOM body: Legacy- perky applier/skin: Glam Affair –  Bia Layer [Lelutka] 006 C (@ Kustom9 ) lipstick: TOP1SALON – HD PRIDE LIPSTICK (Lelutka Evolution) (for Pride at Home) hair: DOUX –  Carla Hairstyle [S] (@Equal 10) jumpsuit: RKKN.  Camila Jumpsuit Plain FatPack / Legacy (@ Kustom9 ) bra: [Cosmic Dust] – Luxe Bikini Top – Fatpack – Legacy earring: LaGyo_Gabrielle Earrings – Blue L (@ Kustom9 ) necklace1: OSMIA – – Paola.Gacha.Earrings – R – Gold(@The Arcade Gacha ) necklace2: TETRA – Luna necklaces – Legacy (rigged) drink: :::ChicChica::: Whisky #8 (@The Arcade Gacha ) pose: Lyrium – Lou series   Scene details: buildings: MINIMAL – Greek … Continue reading Shades of Blue

My own Summer

Style credits: head:  Lelutka Evolution Head.Lake – BOM body: Legacy- perky applier/skin: Glam Affair – Elizabeth – 006 C (@ Collabor88) hairbase: Tableau Vivant \\ Lelutka HB [Editorial ponytail] BoM – Red (@The Arcade Gacha ) ponytail:  Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial hair – Ponytail [RARE] (@The Arcade Gacha ) hairband: `M.BIRDIE / Merry look-turban band (non rig) top: OSMIA – Paola.Gacha.Bra – L\Perky – Colors – RARE (@The Arcade Gacha ) skirt and bikini: Rebel Gal – Hot & Dangerous Skirt /Panties- (Leg)(@ Collabor88) choker: MINIMAL – Boho Shell Necklace 10 -Gold- necklace: OSMIA – Paola.Gacha.Necklace – Pearls – Gold (@The Arcade Gacha ) earring1: MG – Earrings … Continue reading My own Summer

Morning Routine

Style credits: head:  Lelutka Evolution Head.Lake – BOM body: Legacy- perky applier/skin: Glam Affair –  Sky – 006 C  (@Anthem) hair: Foxy – Aura. (XS/LelutkaEvo) – reds  (@ Collabor88) tied shirt:  Addams // Serendipity Wearable Tied Shirt w/Top // Legacy bralette: Frayed – Louise Bra – Legacy  (@Anthem) panties: Frayed – Louise Panties – Legacy  (@Anthem) earring1: LaGyo_Antoinette Double Hearts Earring – L (@ Collabor88) earring2: LaGyo_Antoinette Petite Heart Earring – L (@ Collabor88) rings: (Yummy) Adel Rings – Legacy (@ Collabor88) septum:(Yummy) Audrey Septum – Gold   Scene details: building: MINIMAL –  My little appartment RARE  (@ Kustom9 ) table: tarte. paisley dining table … Continue reading Morning Routine

Enjoy the silence

Scene details: washbasin: Nutmeg. Tidy Pastels Washbasin  (@Shiny Shabby) blankets/pillows: Nutmeg. Dreamy Pastels Floor Pillows flip flops: Nutmeg. Her Flip Flops tote bag: Nutmeg. Tidy Pastels Woven Bag Complete Set Bonus Item (@Shiny Shabby) soap bottle 1: Nutmeg. Tidy Pastels Liquid Soap Lavender  (@Shiny Shabby) newspapers: Nutmeg. Garden Junk Newspaper / 2 Bonus Item candle: Nutmeg. Seashore Mug Candle watering can: Nutmeg. French Cafe Watering Can (@ Kustom9 ) pot of lavande: cinphul // Lavande chair: Tidy Pastels Chair w/Pillow Natural (@Shiny Shabby) clock: Nutmeg. Tidy Pastels Clock Rust (@Shiny Shabby) stacked notebooks: Nutmeg. French Cafe Journal Stack / 2  (@ Kustom9 ) drying … Continue reading Enjoy the silence

Just a Sunnyday..

Style Credits: head:  Lelutka Evolution Head.Lake – BOM -NEW! body: Legacy- perky applier/skin: Glam Affair – Sasha Layer [Lelutka] 006 C  (@The Arcade Gacha ) hair: DOUX –   Eden Hairstyle [S] (@Dubai) top: -Pixicat- Lilly Top (Legacy)  (@FaMESHed ) jeans: -[ vagrant ]- Lillian Jeans – Legacy – Fatpack (@ Kustom9 ) necklace 1: TETRA – Luna necklaces – Legacy (rigged) necklace 2: Kibitz – Brenda’s choker – fatpack bracelets; ^^Swallow^^ Supreme Bracelet Meshbody Legacy Left (@ Kustom9 ) sneakers: mon tissu – Classic Trainers [LEGACY/CLASSIC] / Cloud   Scene details: table: Nutmeg. French Cafe Table / 1 (@ Kustom9 ) on the table: Nutmeg. French Cafe Croissants (@ Kustom9 ) Nutmeg. French … Continue reading Just a Sunnyday..