Herbs and other remedies

Scene details: building: VARONIS – Sombre Skybox (@ Kustom9 ) cabinet: Ariskea [Debra]Apothecary Cabinet Black  (@Anthem) on the cabinet: {vespertine} obscure plantscapes – fig 1. – 1 ( @TheEpiphany ) {vespertine} obscure plantscapes – preserved roe deer RARE ( @TheEpiphany ) {vespertine} obscure plantscapes – preserved fossil 7 ( @TheEpiphany ) {vespertine} obscure plantscapes – teardrop plant 5 ( @TheEpiphany ) {vespertine} obscure plantscapes – bottled plant 4 ( @TheEpiphany ) {vespertine} obscure plantscapes – bottled specimen 3 ( @TheEpiphany ) {vespertine} obscure plantscapes – fig 2. – 2 ( @TheEpiphany ) {vespertine} obscure plantscapes – tillandsia medusa 8 ( @TheEpiphany ) {vespertine} … Continue reading Herbs and other remedies

Dealing with your dark side.

  Style credits: mesh head: GENUS Project – Genus Head – Babyface mesh body: mesh body: Legacy- meshbody- f (v1.1) applier: Glam Affair– Laetitia – tone 005 hair: = Lamb. Heart- gingers (@ Kustom9 ) eyes applier: SU! Medora eyes applier lipstick: TRES BEAU MAKEUP GENUS YUM YUM PACK #1 bindi: MONS / MESH – MoonBindi (style2) gold dress: RKKN. Kenna Formal Dress / Legacy  ( @TheEpiphany ) chocker: random.Matter. – Astral Sabbat – Choker [Black/Gold]  ( @TheEpiphany ) necklace: MICHAN – Moon Phase Necklace [Epiphany Exclusive]  ( @TheEpiphany ) cuff: .random.Matter. – Astral Sabbat – Cuffs [Black/Gold]  ( @TheEpiphany ) rings: [RHUDE] Celestial Rings … Continue reading Dealing with your dark side.


Scene details: building: Apple Fall Old Manufactory armchair:Nutmeg. Soul Collector’s Armchair Black PG  ( @TheEpiphany * see all info at bottom of the page) on the chair: Nutmeg. Soul Collector’s Book2  ( @TheEpiphany ) Nutmeg. Old Gilded Crown Nutmeg. Summer’s End Branch table: Nutmeg. Soul Collector’s Draped Table ( @TheEpiphany ) on the table: Nutmeg. Soul Collector’s Books ( @TheEpiphany ) Nutmeg. Soul Collector’s Pocket Watch ( @TheEpiphany ) Nutmeg. Soul Collector’s Candle ( @TheEpiphany ) Nutmeg. Soul Collector’s Papers ( @TheEpiphany ) Nutmeg. Soul Collector’s Raven RARE ( @TheEpiphany ) Nutmeg. Soul Collector’s Phonograph ( @TheEpiphany ) Apple Fall Hydrangea … Continue reading Aenima.

Just a perfect day.

Scene details: gazebo: Homestead. The Summerhouse Gazebo. Sunkissed   (@Fameshed) coat rack: Granola.Arlet Coat Rack   (@Fameshed) table: Apple Fall  Chester Outdoor Dining Table on the table: dust bunny . autumns calling . pumpkin centerpiece Apple Fall Autumn Place Setting West Village Seeded Bread & Tomatoes chairs: West Village Anashara Dining Chair – Rustic West Village Cala Cane Chair, Coral Toile cabinet: West Village Chinoise Cabinet – Oak in the cabinet: West Village Cocktail Books & Biscuits West Village Oranges in Dish Apple Fall Juliette Teapot Apple Fall Juliette Tea Cups, Stacked Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 4, 2, 1 Apple Fall … Continue reading Just a perfect day.

Feeling Warm

Style Credits: mesh head: GENUS Project – Genus Head – Babyface mesh body: mesh body: Legacy- meshbody- f (v1.1) applier: Glam Affair– Laetitia – tone 007 hair: DOUX – Denise Hairstyle [S] sweater:  Tres Blah –  Cable Knit Sweater (Legacy) – Fatpack  (@Fameshed) pants: Tres Blah – Ella Slacks (Legacy) – Fatpack  (@Fameshed) bracelet: Cae :: Sofia :: Bracelet (@Fameshed) ring: Cae :: Sofia :: Ring (@Fameshed) camera: (Yummy) Travel Camera – Black – Side – All Colors pose: Lyrium – Jar pose 5 mug: ..::THOR::.. Eggnog Mug   Scene details: building: Ariskea [Fallburn] Old Cottage House (@ Kustom9 ) curtain: tarte. draped curtain (leaves) lantern: Ariskea[Fallburn] … Continue reading Feeling Warm

Riverside Afternoon

Scene details: shed: 8f8 – Our corner – Our shelter hanging plant: 8f8 – The Sweetest Spot – Blueberries Hanging table: Nutmeg.Disarray Round Wooden Table on the table: Nutmeg. Orchard Harvest Ceramic Teapot  (@ Kustom9 ) Nutmeg. Orchard Harvest Grapes  (@ Kustom9 ) Nutmeg. Summer’s End Plate v1 Nutmeg. Summer’s End Salt & Pepper Nutmeg. Summer’s End Candle Nutmeg. Orchard Harvest Blueberries  (@ Kustom9 ) Nutmeg. Orchard Harvest Ceramic Cups v1  (@ Kustom9 ) chairs: Nutmeg. Summer’s End Wooden Chair Nutmeg. Summer’s End Chair w/ Blankets Nutmeg. Summer’s End Slipper Chair w/print on the chairs: Nutmeg. Forgotten Library Rose Bonus Item Nutmeg. Summer’s End Book apples basket: Nutmeg. … Continue reading Riverside Afternoon

Apples & Cinnamon

Scene Details: shed with counter: ..::THOR::.. Buddies Pallet Shed  (@ManCave) on the counter: DISORDERLY. / Harvest Apples / Dispenser / RARE  (@The Arcade Gacha ) ..::THOR::.. Eggnog Mug (@ManCave) sofa: Nutmeg.   Dacha Loveseat Leather PG pillow: ..::THOR::.. Pumpkin Pillow (@ManCave) chairs: Myrrine September Gacha – chair with treats  (@The Arcade Gacha ) Myrrine September Gacha – chair with book  (@The Arcade Gacha ) firepit: West Village Atlas Fire Pit – Cast Iron rug: Nutmeg. Dacha Old Oriental Rug Decor pile of blankets: _8f8 – Winter Memories of Autumn – Wrap me around you Autumn buckets with apples: DISORDERLY. / Harvest Apples / Buckets  … Continue reading Apples & Cinnamon